The car hire pitfalls you should avoid

Most of us look forward to that time of the year when we don’t have to follow our usual routine and take some time off to relax while visiting different destinations. Even if you don’t own a car, you can still travel to that dream place you have always wanted to visit. Hiring a car in Spain can be as simple as getting a site and making reservations. You should, however, be aware of the pitfalls of car hire and try to avoid them so that you can enjoy your ride. Also, if you need help with your personal finances, a short term loan could be of great favour to you. You can find a flexible short term loan from our trusted direct lender, PMLoans.

Some people choose the first car hire company they find on the internet. Though most of the car hire companies promise to give you the best services, not all of them fulfill this. Whether you are booking last minute or not, choose a reliable company and don’t go for the one with the cheapest rates. Remember, cheap is sometimes expensive and taking your time before making that decision can save you from frustration.

Your car choice also matters. In as much as you would like to brag to your friends, going with the wrong choice of car can cause disappointments. Consider the capacity of the vehicle against how much luggage you have. If you have big suitcases, check whether the desired car has enough space for them. If you are traveling alone, a small car will do fine. Ensure that you hire a vehicle from a licensed rental company.

The lack of not understanding of car insurance can also cause some problems. Though car rental insurance can be confusing, understanding how it works as well as your obligations can save your money. This insurance involves a collision damage waiver, theft protection, and loss damage waiver. The first one covers damages if a collision occurs. If the car rolls on its own, this will not be covered by the insurance. Theft protection only covers the cost of replacing the vehicle if it is stolen. It does not cover possessions stolen.

Before you embark on your journey, have a copy of your rental agreement.  Breaching the terms of your rental car agreement can cause serious consequences. You should only use the vehicle on paved roadways and car parks to avoid damage. Some people forget that they don’t own the car and do what they feel like on the trip. Speeding or dodging parking can result in fines. If this happens, ensure you settle the fine immediately so that the rental agency does not add an administration fee on top of your charges. You can have fun on your holiday but driving while intoxicated can limit your insurance coverage.

Do not assume that the hired car comes in perfect condition. It may have a few bumps or scratches. Look out for this before you use it and take photos of any defects you find beforehand so that you can prove that they existed to avoid repair charges. If you experience any issues while on your trip, ensure you call the rental car company. Make sure you before you decide to make any repairs. One more thing, don’t forget to take a look at PMLoans’ website and blog to find a short term loan & great budgeting tips.


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