This is how you should handle an accident when traveling in a hired car

No matter how safe you drive, a car accident may happen. Statics reveal that car accidents occur every 60 seconds. When you are in a hired car, it adds an extra layer of stress since the vehicle is not yours. This can make you panic but staying calm and following particular protocols can help you manage the situation well. Also, if you need financial assistance in your personal finances during this time, consider a payday loan from Loans. You can get budgeting/saving tips on their blog as well as a payday loan from them.

Need tips to help you out when renting a car? We have the perfect blog post for you here.

First, check if everyone is okay. You should call emergency numbers if there are any injuries at the scene. Take note of the specific injuries since you can get personal injury compensations to help you cover the medical cost. You should have a clear account of the cause of the injury.

The next thing is assessing the damage to the cars involved. If both vehicles have minor damages, you may not need to engage the police. Significant damage needs the presence of the local authorities who can fill out the report. A copy of the accident report should go to the insurance company. Most of the insurance companies only file the claim after receiving the police report.

You should also document the extent of damage by taking notes or pictures of the scene. You can use this evidence in court in case of a lawsuit. Talk to the other driver and exchange all the relevant information. If you think that the person is to blame for the accident, they should give you their insurance details. Record their names, contacts, and the insurance company.

Though you should not cover up what really happened, taking the blame for the accident is not wise. Accidents are scary, and you may not clearly remember what happened due to the shock. Therefore, avoid taking the blame since the other drive may be equally at fault. If you hired a car from a company in Spain, you should fill out a particular report with the agency. Ensure you get in touch with them immediately. If the extent of damage is severe, the agency may even offer you another rental car to proceed with your journey.

Notify your insurance company without delay to start filing your claim. You should also talk to your credit card company. Your claim may take up to 90 days before you receive compensation. Do a monthly follow up to ensure everything runs smoothly. Despite the hiccup, try to enjoy the rest of your holiday if anyone is not injured.

You can avoid such occurrences by taking preventive measures before renting a car. The rental agency should offer you insurance for a certain amount. Never ignore this. Before you embark on traveling, know the vehicle you should use. When you are familiar with the car, you reduce the chances of causing an accident.  You should also familiarize yourself with the region you will be driving in. Every smartphone contains Google Maps, which can help you navigate in an unfamiliar area. Ensure you check the roads before you start driving. Knowing the right steps you should take can make your holiday smooth. One last thing, don’t forget to check out PMLoans, you can get tremendous saving advice from them plus a flexible and convenient payday loan too.